Mashed yam fell from his hands with a plop

"Well, you still owe another two hundred and seventy coins."

"What! It's always been thirty coins," he was bewildered.

"But today is different. Food is becoming more scarce," she replied. "Our crops failed because of the bad weather. Frankly speaking, I want to hang on to what I have against any more bad weather," she added.

"You're a mad woman! Are you such a God that you have the right to increase the price at random?"

"Hmm. It's up to you to accept or not. In my opinion, you'd do better to choose a simpler menu and leave the rest for me," she said.

"You are so hard to get along with!" he said, squishing the yam he was holding.

"What about you?" she said, winking her eyes wickedly. “How dare you make the new golden coins without my presence?”

He gasped. Mashed yam fell from his hands with a plop.

* * *

One night, while she was tossing about in her sleep she sensed a black figure wearing a mask jumping into her hut. He looked at her heaving breasts Xuan mai riverside for a few minutes then thrust his hand into a bag she had made out of little twigs that was full of her coins. She got up quickly.

"You swindler! It's only the two of us on this island. What's the use of wearing a mask?" she reprimanded as she looked around for her knife. He quickly snapped it up with his right hand while the other kept a grasp on the bag.

"I'm far stronger than you, you know. Might makes right here."

"You brute and mean ruffian!" she cursed him, crying loudly at the possibility of losing her treasure. "I'd rather live like Robinson without Friday than live here with such a bastard like you," she went on. 

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